Ogbuefi, Dee-One, others to headline GoodGuy’s Licensed Comedy Show

Fun seekers looking for an evening filled with laughter and music will have the perfect opportunity at the upcoming GoodGuy Licensed Comedy Show tagged “Zero2Hundred”.


This highly anticipated event is set to take place at Festival Hotel (formerly Golden Tulip) in Festac Town, Lagos on Sunday, 16th June, 2024.

The Licensed Comedy Show, now in its fourth edition, according to the host, Godwin “GoodGuy” Abaraoha, promises an unforgettable experience with a stellar lineup of comedians and musicians. The red carpet will kick off by 5pm while the show is billed to start by 6pm.


Headlining the event are notable comedians such as Ogbuefi I go tuk of Nnewi and Dee-One from BB Naija. Other talented performers include Mr Odogwu, Mr. Makatti, Ajebaba, Igwe Henry, and Mc Lozy, a rising star who was discovered on TikTok.


Despite the current challenges faced by Nigerians, Goodguy in a statement, noted that the show aims to take the audience from zero to cloud nine, lifting them above their troubles and filling them with joy.

He explained, “The concept of “Zero to Hundred” was inspired by the image of a speedometer. At zero, there is no movement, no excitement. But as it accelerates to one hundred, it reaches full capacity, vigor, and potential. A vehicle at full speed is hard to ignore, capturing everyone’s attention. This theme symbolizes completeness, wholeness, and reaching one’s full circle”.


Explaining the concept of his brand name “GoodGuy”, he said, “When choosing a stage name, I wanted something unique that would make people pause and think, something that stood out from the common trend of “mouths,” “babas,” and “funnies” in the comedy scene. While many successful comedians have built strong brands around these names, I needed a different approach. I wanted a name that would not only represent my comedy but also other creative ventures I pursue.


The name “Goodguy” came to me while reading the Bible, specifically the book of Genesis, where God declares His creation to be good. Seeing myself as part of God’s creation, I felt that calling myself “Good” was a reflection of that divine craftsmanship. The “Guy” part adds a casual touch, giving it a bit of extra spice”.

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