What I hope to achieve with my movie next year — Godtime Rulion (GodtimeRulion)


Known for his content creation and skits,Godtime Gowon, also known as Godtime Rulion, in this interview by Aderonke Adesanya, speaks about his career and his role in the upcoming movie, ‘Elite Academy’.


You featured in the upcoming movie, Elite Academy, what can you say about your role in the movie?

In the movie, I play the role of Godtime Rulion, a very cool and gentle student that neither disturbs nor makes noise in class.


What attracted to the role and how did you feel about playing it?

I took the role because it’s a movie based on students and also because the producer knew I would be good at it.


Tell us about how your journey into the entertainment industry began?

I had the passion and dream to be famous. I love how celebrities are praised just for being famous. Many of them became heroes and they have had the opportunity to meet people they never expected they would meet all because of their content and craft, and this fuelled my curiosity and I became interested in the movie industry and movie making..

At what age did you discover your interest for entertainment?

I was 12 years old when I discovered my interest for entertainment and content creation.


What is the best part about being an entertainer?

For me, the best part is becoming famous, people know what I do and I also have the opportunity to earn some money from it. Another benefit is that I’ve been able to travel a lot from it.


 How did you come up with your brand name?

I was in primary school when I formed the name “Rulion” and I got it from reading those books with names and meaning. I combined two names to form “Rulion” but it actually has no pre-defined meaning so I gave it a meaning and that is “Red Lion”


 How do you come up with content?

As I said, I started creating content at the age of 12 but I was just having fun with it. During that time, my elder brother created a channel named “Rulion comedy” and he helped me upload any content I created on it. But as I grew older and wiser, I noticed that there were a lot of things that could be done to make the channel grow but I wanted a clean slate so I created my own channel and named it “Godtime Rulion”.


Where did you learn your skills as a videographer?

I didn’t learn it anywhere. I’m a natural professional at it and I believe it’s a God-given talent.


 How often do you show your work to others and what is your feedback process like?

I take great pride in my work and am always looking for ways to improve. I enjoy showing my work to others, as it helps me to get feedback on how I can make it better.


 What was the first project you worked on as a videographer?

As a videographer, I think my friend’s skit was the first I worked on. His stage name is FunnyBoi and this happened earlier in 2022.


Any upcoming project your fans should anticipate?

I’m working on making my own movie and it will be released in the coming year. The title is “Rulion” and it will be a magical movie.

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