“Beware Of Frenemies” - Bigval


Ayomikun Daniel Alebiosu popularly known as BIGVAL releases a new single titled FRENEMIES.

In a live video on IG, he explained the reason for this release rather than the promised EP.

Bigval made 3 points a topic of the Live session while playing the song’s intro to viewers.

Firstly, he said; “ Frenemies is more of a bitter report i am giving about fake friends “

A lot of people he calls his real friends that are always around and rolling with him, later turned their back on him when he was unable to offer the luxury attention they wanted and the “keep flexing & helping me” friendship.

Secondly, he opened up the fully about his accident that happened.

Having crashed his car, God so kind he was safe after some treatment for injuries he sustained.

This incident made him stay off social media and deactivated his IG page.

And lastly he gave out a piece of advice to everyone; “Don’t Make Anybody a Priority because nobody is INDISPENSABLE, and you might get disposed after usage by people so prioritize yourself”.

We await to hear this song soon from him which drops tomorrow “November 10th”

Frenemies must really be a deep one giving the subject matters of his broadcast.

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